Twitter Tools: Bootstrap, Bower, and Recess

I’ve been excited about some of the tools coming out of the Twitter engineering team.

Their front-end framework, Bootstrap, has been getting acclaim all over the web for quite a while now.  And rightly so.  It’s a great package providing sane design starting points, including nice typography, a responsive grid, buttons, icons, menus, alerts, modal dialogs, carousels, and more.  There’s been a lot of interesting work done around the Bootstrap framework as well.  For instance, check out Font Awesome, a set of beautiful icons.

Bootstrap uses the LESS framework, a dynamic stylesheet language, extending CSS with dynamic behavior such as variables, mixins, operations and functions.  I’ve been using LESS with other projects and it’s really nice.  But once you’ve got all your LESS files, you will want to convert them to plain CSS and maybe even compress them.  I’ve found Twitter’s Recess to be a great tool for this.

Another great tool for managing projects with a lot of dependencies is Twitter’s Bower.  A front-end package manager, it can automatically install and upgrade dependencies.  You can install jquery, bootstrap, and just about anything else you might want with a single command.  Makes life just a bit simpler…