The Treehouse Foundation wanted to share information about their multi-generational community that integrates adoptive families, their children, and elders invest in a secure and nurturing environment. Their primary audiences are potential donors and people who are interested in joining the community.  This site presents information about the organization and the community using compelling imagery and interactive elements in a responsive design.

A Multigenerational Community

Visitors to the website are offered a number of paths to engage with the Treehouse story and interactive elements encourage people to explore the site and discover the great work the organization has been doing.


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In addition to details about the community, the website presents information about other programs run by the foundation including the HEROES Leadership Project for teenagers.

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The website includes many types of media produced by the Treehouse Foundation, including a blog, videos, photographs, press releases, news announcements, and a newsletter.  It incorporates an option for site visitors to signup for an email newsletter as well.  Funders are also interested in the organizations governance and the site includes profiles of the board:

Engaging graphical design encourages people to watch videos about Treehouse, find out more about the award-winning work, and offers a way for people to support this organization with donations.

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